Starter  Log  Home  Program

         Get the basis necessities, build fast, build easy, build inexpensively.










     The Triston can be approached from two  directions Cabin first  or Garage first with cabin upstairs what would help you decide is the foundation should almost be done at the same time because it’s a bi or tri level depending how much basement you need, also you can even plan on a third phase opposite the living room for more footage. If you have a lot slightly grad up hill you get a free garage this way that saves 50,000

  Phase one with beam and T&G ceiling  



                    Denali Phase One -Two – Three  of Starter Home

  BUILT IN THREE PHASES 572 then 1484 to 1600 foot  3 bedroom, all come with the HUD approved, pre-cut shell kit  and framing package,  also plans and engineering for permits, loans,  includes warrantees, shipping ect.  If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, and have some construction experience or have friends and family ...this was designed for that purpose.

Sept 18,   2013       Page 2-43

price  subject to change on this page as economy changes 2-27-2013

Stage One  is 572 sq. ft.

Stage Two  is 1132 sq. ft.

Stage Three  about 1600 sq. ft.



Stage one

Stage One  572 sq. ft.