Since 1976 we been Successful ?

    Creativity, Craftsmanship, Experience.. Background in Building Construction, Logging, Manufacturing wont do it...thro in  some College Design, Drafting, Engineering, Marketing and Construction...that helped,  we were just getting started.  Study and integrate innovated modern building products and techniques, pursue  cost efficient, easy to build Construction with and Energy Saving Technology,

   With thousands of our homes built, we must use that experience to create new products and techniques that are cost, labor, speed efficient, and “Do-It-Yourself– Friendly”.  We design weather resistance Roof lines, the most Energy Efficient wall and roof systems. We  offer maintenance free designs with 1500 hundred year life expectancy by managing  Design of construction, log species, moisture, milling, logging and manufacturing. Personal Service...assist customers designing their Dream, help them come in on budget, and continue to completion and beyond...


The Log Cabin today the cost of energy, taxes, labor and building materials are on the rise,  inflation, printing of paper money, add a decrease in income, national dept on our grandchildren and his old idea  may be right for you. User friendly housing kits for the  do-it-yourselfer...you may Build it yourself and save half on labor costs.

     Easy to build Pre-Cut  Log Home Kits have been proven for many years to be popular. With the changing times they may appeal to buyers that want new affordable energy efficient (walls up to 46% better) housing, easy simple, green construction (consuming hazardous forest flues). 

      Trust it wont ever get less to build or own a home. And your as healthy as your  ever going to get, continual on and see if you can do-it-yourself. The American spirit will adapt, we, learn we are self sufficient,  innovated and love a challenge. We can help,  35 years experience with thousands of Do-It-Yourselfers.


    New 2013 the Starter Homes Multiple Phases

     User friendly Log Homes packages meant to be added onto in other 3 phases. Custom designed with and interlocking wall, roof and concrete system that works and looks undetectable. Start small and ad on later ?

                   By Creating

·  Environmentally friendly homes

· User friendly  Do  It Yourself System

·  Green construction              

· Want the most possible equity in their project

· Very energy efficient walls

· Resale value at a maximum with our Designs

· Attractive home and your  floor plans

· Renewable   Regrowable building resource

· HUD approved,  therefore resalable & financeable

·      Easy, Simple  Friendly construction techniques

· Strong,  Windproof,  extreme weather durable Walls

· No settling, shrinkage, No movement or leakage

· Air tight, bug, vermin, fire and more bullet proof

· Friendly Full service with out going way over budget


               Log  Framing Package  includes

· Full design service

· Full plan service

· Structural engineering  included service

· Quality  pre-cut wilderness logs with gables

· Floor system joist and sheeting

· Stud walls inside home

· Second level floor system

· Roof structure, beam, rafter, truss, CDX sheeting

· Delivery  first 500 miles free

· User friendly instructions and videos

· Windows, doors fasteners glue caulking

· 24 -7 technical help phone and e-mail

· Web site instruction & pictures on line

· Worlds strongest wall system Lodgepole and Doug Fir Timber


 Why a Wilderness Building Systems Log Package? the most efficient wall made.   We've taken the best technology know in R and U values, in glues, caulking, construction and sealants  developed in the last 200 years and combined them  with  2000 year old proven insulating qualities of natural solid wood. 

     The Saddle Notch is  the “Words Strongest Interlocking Wall and Corner System” the Swedish Cove logs are used with strong glue, laminated every row. Sealed with acrylic rubber flexible caulking,  the lodge pole pine that’s been dried to  6% moister, before milling. Time proven,  the logs are impossible  to pull apart with out destruction. The firm wood will break before the glued solid bonding. The purpose was to be air tight by the way.


No carpet pad or gaskets needed for air tight fit.

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Text Box:   Joy our Alberta contact... Joy said  “we sell dreams  here..if we can create, provide what they are imagining, within there budget, swiftly, on time, we all win, stay friends...and have fun”

      Robertson Wyoming 9”  log      

      9”   log   

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Saddle notch Swedish cope natural water shed fit with glue

       Wilderness Building Systems Inc.

 Log Homes

   Home of bone dry lodgepole  pine house logs, we mill at 1/3  the moisture  of finished Kiln Dried Lumber

                                call    1-801-972-6066


  1976 we started with the  6X6 t&g “d” log....its back and popular.        4x6 and 6x8 options.



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   SAVE ENERGY                   SAVE MONEY                              SAVE FORESTS                   SAVE WILDLIFE


     Wilderness Advantage

  Service - History - Price - Honesty - Quality  and its  User Friendly



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Wilderness Building Systems Inc

    3015 south 600 west

 Salt Lake City , Utah 84115

Email info@dolog.com

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 Enter from 2100 so. 600 west     and Google Places for map


    Our standard Log House Log is the Saddle Notch and Swedish Cope system, we do other but this is the fastest, less expensive, most maintenance free, has 1500 year life guarantee, user friendly, air tight, muilti level capable, from the best timber, fast growing, firm, thin barked so easily found dead, dying, self thinning, tall, strait, thick in Montana, a forest flues reduction icon that has to be removed to a point the Forest service pay to have it removed in certain conditions. A round log milled round ! 


                                                 Since 1976


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Summit Park, Utah 1982   7” log